Making Claims and Appealing Decisions

If you are looking for information on how to claim a particular benefit, advice can be found on our Welfare Benefits Information page just click on the link for the benefit you need information about, you should be taken straight to the relevant page.

Most benefit claims have to be completed online. Once you have applied you should receive a decision letter. This will set out what the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has decided regarding your claim, whether you have been awarded any benefits and if so how much, and what you need to do next.

If you are unhappy with their decision you have a month to ask the DWP to explain or reconsider it. If you are still unhappy with the decision get some advice.

When you appeal, the case may be passed to the Tribunals Service who will arrange a tribunal to hear your case. They will consider all the evidence at a hearing and come to a decision. You and a representative can attend this hearing, but you do not have to if you don’t want to – you may be more likely to be successful in your appeal if you attend the hearing, so this may be worth bearing in mind.

More detailed information about what will happen during the hearing and the rest of the appeals process can be found here.

If you want to get advice on your appeal, make sure you have filled all the forms out correctly and provided the necessary evidence to fully support your claim. You can contact Citizen’s Advice for help and advice, or use the Tameside Council Welfare Rights Service for assistance if you wish to take your case to a tribunal.