Welfare Benefits

Welfare Benefits Information

There are lots of different types of benefit and some have similar names and eligibility criteria, so it can seem like a complicated area. If you are looking for information about a particular benefit, this section will direct you to where you can find out more, including what support you could get, who may be eligible to receive the benefit and how to go about claiming.

Benefit Calculator

Turn2Us reported that more than £13 billion in means-tested benefits and tax credits goes unclaimed each year. If you are unsure about what you could be entitled to, this calculator will use details of your current circumstances to work out what benefits you might be eligible for.

Making Claims and Appealing Decisions

To make a claim for benefits you will have to fill in a form providing your details in order to make a claim. Similarly, if a decision is made about your benefits that you do not agree with; you still have options and should seek help and advice. This page talks you through the sort of processes you might face and where you can find out more.

Upcoming Changes

You may have heard about the many changes to the welfare benefit system which the government is planning to introduce over the next few years as part of their program of reform. This section gives details on what exactly is changing and when so you can see what impact this might have on your situation and start to think about how you can adjust your budget to cope with the alteration.

Further Help and Advice

If you feel you need further advice and assistance with any aspect of your benefits claim, this section provides details of organisations you can contact for help.